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Mythica Issue 1

Mythica #1 Review by IndieBam

IndieBam gives Mythica Issue #1 a 4.5 out of 5 stars In a review¬†on IndieBam, a new site for independent comics and the artist that create them, blogger Dean Rino reviewed issue #1 of my creator owned comic, Mythica. In the review Rino refers to my art as , “amazing” with, “a beautiful, smooth style

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weredragon concept


I created Mythica partly as a playground for all of the cool things I wanted to draw from werewolves to dragons and everything in between. The weredragon is a creature that is somewhere in between. The weredragon are the creation of the Morrigan, Queen of the Underworld. They are, for the most part, mindless killing

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More Mythica concept art

Yesterday i showed you some sketches and concept art for an upcoming character in Mythica named Silvas. Last night i doodled another one. This is still not a final design but i am liking it. It sort of has a little Desperado look to it, yeah? This character is from Spain but it takes place

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Mythica concept art

In a recent poll some people requested to see more sketches and early concept work. I aim to please so today i have some quick sketches and concept art i did for Mythica. This first set of sketches are some early concept drawings for Silvas. Silvas is a character that will be coming into play

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Mythica needs your input

Mythica is moving forward! I will have a small ashcan sized preview of the first issue available at the Chicago Comicon August 11th.  This project has been developing in my mind for over 5 yrs now. Since before i went back to school to get my BA in Media Arts and Animation i have been

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