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Star Trek Into the Darkness Teaser

Leave it to JJ Abrams to make me interested in Star Trek again. Paramount Pictures has unveiled the official trailer for “Star Trek Into Darkness,” with plans of releasing a a longer trailer on December 17th. Check out it out below. Plot: When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an

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Dark Knight Rises, Catwoman poster, New Dark KNight poster

New Dark Knight poster

Apparently there is a Dark Knight Rises poster that Warner Bros made and hid. Strange right? According to http://worstpreviews.com Warner Bros has been hiding a secret poster for “The Dark Knight Rises” at an unknown website. It was eventually discovered when someone scanned the QR code located on a previously-released poster. They go on to

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Ghost Rider pisses fire!

The first trailer of the upcoming film by Marvel Entertainment, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance has been released on itunes. The film still stars Nicholas Cage. I wasn’t a big fan of the first movie but i loved the bike. I will probably still go see this movie based on what i see here in

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The Week in Review: Thundercats, Cowboys and Aliens, & more!

This week was a pretty interesting week. The new Thundercats cartoon made it’s premiere on Cartoon Network, Cowboys and Aliens hit theaters, Mark Waid made an appearance at Austin Books and comics, and i finished up production on the Mythica preview/sketchbook. Let’s start at the top. NEW THUNDERCATS CARTOON I was able to catch all

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Captain America: The First Avenger news

Well in a few days the wait will finally be over. Captain America: The First Avenger, the final film release from Marvel comics building to the much anticipated Avengers movie,  releases in 3500 theaters on the 22nd. How will this comic book movie do against the other blockbusters of the summer? Well i have my

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Transformers 3 movie review

It’s not very often that the third installment in a movie franchise is better than it’s prequels. In fact it is usually worse. That is not the case for Michael Bay’s Transformers Dark Side of the Moon. After the epic fail called Rise of the Fallen many people did not have high expectations of this

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Green Lantern Earns $3.4 million opening night

Green Lantern was released in nearly 1200 theaters at midnight last night. Reports are already in that the movie has made as much on that first night as X-men First Class and slightly better than Thor’s midnight run (3.3 mil) Green Lantern opens today in nearly 4 thousand theaters nation wide. Over half of those

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Green Lantern Easter Eggs

Green Lantern hits screens June 17th and there are a lot of us really excited while others are still skeptical. Some fans of GL debate one who is the best Alan Scott( the original), test pilot Hal Jordan, John Stewart( made popular by the Justice League cartoon), Guy Garder, and Kyle Rayner. Personally i think

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X-Men First class review

X-men First class made it’s debut this weekend. I went to go see it last night and i was excited to do so. I must say that i wasn’t disappointed. It was an entertaining film with the feel of a 60’s spy thriller. It has e heavily complicated plot and some terrible dialog at times

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