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weredragon concept


I created Mythica partly as a playground for all of the cool things I wanted to draw from werewolves to dragons and everything in between. The weredragon is a creature that is somewhere in between. The weredragon are the creation of the Morrigan, Queen of the Underworld. They are, for the most part, mindless killing

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Get Reckless with indy artist of the week Sam Lotfi

I had the pleasure of meeting Sam through CCP comics, a comic publisher in Austin, Tx that we both have done work for. Many of us travel to conventions together and i have some fond memories of great food and fun with Sam, his wife and the rest of the CCP crew down in New

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Robert Elrod’s Tickling a Dead Man

This week’s indy artist creature feature is Robert Elrod. To the left you can see a self portrait painted by the artist. So who is this hot shot of horror, this draftsman of the undead? Robert, or Snuggles as he likes to be called by his friends, is a self taught artist living in beautiful

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Artemis Commission

About a week ago i was contacted via email to do a commission of Artemis. This is for someone who lives in Ohio and saw that i am scheduled to come to Mid-Ohio Comicon. I have done many commissions at shows but this marks the first time someone has contacted me ahead of time. They

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Kevin Gentilcore’s Teenage Love Zombies

This week’s indy scene focuses on artist Kevin Gentilcore and his numerous projects of awesomeness. So who is this Kevin Gentilcore guy anyway? Well Kevin lives right here in the Denver area. He works as a graphic designer by day and Zombie fighting artist by night. Kevin doesn’t sleep. He may not even be human.

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More Mythica concept art

Yesterday i showed you some sketches and concept art for an upcoming character in Mythica named Silvas. Last night i doodled another one. This is still not a final design but i am liking it. It sort of has a little Desperado look to it, yeah? This character is from Spain but it takes place

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Mythica concept art

In a recent poll some people requested to see more sketches and early concept work. I aim to please so today i have some quick sketches and concept art i did for Mythica. This first set of sketches are some early concept drawings for Silvas. Silvas is a character that will be coming into play

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Indy artist of the week: Tom Rasch

Well thank you all for participating in the facebook poll. After the votes were tallied the number one thing that you all voted to see more of was local and independent artist and projects. Secondly you said you wanted to see more about Mythica and the progress of the comic. Well, you’re in luck. Today’s

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Ghost Rider pisses fire!

The first trailer of the upcoming film by Marvel Entertainment, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance has been released on itunes. The film still stars Nicholas Cage. I wasn’t a big fan of the first movie but i loved the bike. I will probably still go see this movie based on what i see here in

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