Mythica #1 Review by IndieBam

Mythica Issue 1

IndieBam gives Mythica Issue #1 a 4.5 out of 5 stars

Mythica Issue 1

Mythica Issue 1 by Matt Campbell

In a review on IndieBam, a new site for independent comics and the artist that create them, blogger Dean Rino reviewed issue #1 of my creator owned comic, Mythica. In the review Rino refers to my art as , “amazing” with, “a beautiful, smooth style well complimented by the creamy quality the coloring has.” I admit that is the first time my art has ever been referred to as creamy. He went on to talk about how the story, written by William Tooker, was a “fun reading experience“. My favorite quote from the review however is when he said that “the story is the real character” continuing with, “the panels react to the actions of the characters“.

I loved this because that is EXACTLY the type of story teller I want to be. I love character driven stories and get very bored at stories that are just about cool images or special fx.

IndieBam is a new and upcoming website based in Colorado that is dedicated to  news on Independent comics. While they are still small the buzz about them is growing quickly. You should definitely go check them out.

The review is here at the link below. Do you agree with the review. Let us know.


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